You have avoided coding because you did not get along with the known PC programs or it was too complicated for you? Well, we have the solution: With the vector data display you can comfortably perform a variety of encodings – at the push of a button.

All our encodings are designed for simplicity and can be activated and deactivated in a simple way.

The following codings are available with firmware version 1.0:

  • Seat belt monitor
    • Activates / deactivates the belt warning function permanently
  •  Start / Stop function
    • Activates / deactivates the start/stop function permanently
  •  Doorbell
    • Activates / deactivates the gong when the door is open and the ignition is on
  • Refuelling
    • Activates / deactivates the display of the fuel quantity in the MFA
  •  Battery status
    • Activates / deactivates the display of the battery status in the MFA
  •  US sidelights (VFL)
    • User defined (0-100%) definition of the US parking light (only for show purposes, only pre-facelift)
  •  Active Sound
    • User-defined (0-100%) adjustment of the volume of the Active Sound module

In the future, further encodings such as Video In Motion will follow via update.