as just

an display.

We change the interaction with your vehicle! The way of tuning. A novel display system that gives you many new possibilities without being complicated.

Experience an unprecedented simplicity for individualization.

Show functions

The scope of functions.

Our display can show more than just numbers. It gives you a 4 in 1 solution without being cumbersome.

Unlock the hidden potential of new functions, easily.

In addition, we are always planning new features for which you will receive free updates.

One display for all models.

Our data display fits all Golf 7 models.

From the 1.0 TSI to the R, from the 1.6 TDI to the GTD. All body styles, pre-facelift and facelift.

Your digital tuning assistant.

The VCU – Vektor Control Unit – controls all functions of the data display. We offer a wide range of internal sensors and interfaces and thus have optimal control over all vehicle relevant data.


Here you will find all important facts and figures about your engine. On several pages you can find out the current boost pressure, engine speed, temperatures and more.

Or simply configure your own custom dashboard.

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Capture the acceleration of your car more accurately than ever before. With the integrated 30Hz GNSS chip, you’ll experience the acceleration of your car ultra-precisely.

We use up to three satellite systems (GPS, Glonass and Galileo) and a sensor fusion of a gyroscope and accelerometers simultaneously.

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US sidelights, seat belt reminders, start-stop deactivation or pointer deflection without complicated software coding? Here you can do it with just one button press in a few seconds.
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Read and clear the error memory in any control unit, conveniently, quickly and easily – without a computer or additional hardware.
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Resetting the service intervals for oil, brake and maintenance as well as deleting the adaptations of engine and gearbox. We have also integrated the service mode for the electronic parking brake.
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With the help of the data logger you can create log files in no time. For example, send them to your tuner via email or Whatsapp for a direct diagnosis, or view the result directly in the vektor app.
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Great colors and intuitive operation

The vector data display can be operated either by touch or the steering wheel buttons.

We use a capacitive 4.3″ multi-touch display to make the operation as easy and pleasant as with your smartphone.

If you wish, you can get a haptic feedback directly from the display with every touch input.


GNSS Performance Meter

We use a 30Hz GNSS multiband (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) sensor for accurate acceleration measurement. By dead reckoning and sensor fusion from gyroscope and accelerometers we can perform a very accurate location determination.

20 Channel Dashboard

Thanks to high-speed CAN integration, we are able to read a large number of sensors simultaneously from your car and display their values in real-time.

Easy installation

The installation is very easy. No cutting, soldering, spinning. The supplied wiring harness is simply plugged between the CAN gateway and the car. That’s it.

You can remove and reinstall the cover with the supplied tool without damage.


You can update both the vektor control unit and the data display via our free app for iOS and Android as well as via the PC software to get new features.

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